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DIY Carpet Cleaning Vs. Professional - Which One Is Better?

Are you tired of looking at your dirt-clad carpets, loaded with pet hair, spills, and God knows what else?

If you've been debating whether to take matters into your own hands with a few trusty DIY tricks or hire professional services, you're not alone!

Carpet cleaning is one of those things we all dread and put off for as long as possible because, well, it's just not that much fun.

But it has to be done.

So, what's an ideal way to go about it?

DIY Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet cleaning machines can be rented from most grocery stores or big-box retailers.

You could also purchase a carpet cleaner, but it's probably not worth the investment unless you plan on using it often.

Either way, you'll need to buy or rent a machine and some cleaning solution.

Here are a few reasons why using self carpet cleaning services might be the way to go:

Follow Your Schedule:

You control the situation and can clean your carpets on your schedule. It means waiting till the kids are in bed or taking care of it early on a Saturday morning. It'll ensure that the carpets have time to dry before anyone needs to use the room again.

Save Money:

Professional carpet cleaners can be expensive. They usually go by the square footage of your home and charge extra for stain removal. So, the bigger your home, the more you'll have to pay. When you do it yourself, you only have to pay for the cost of renting the machine and the cleaning solution.

Perfect for Small Stains:

Not everyone waits until the carpet is thoroughly stained before they decide to give it a good cleaning. You may have a few small spots here and there from spills or tracked in dirt. Hiring a professional to clean your entire carpet may be overkill when this is the case. You can focus on those small spots yourself and save money.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services:

The professionals are there for a reason, and mainly when you evaluate the cost, it is worth every penny. They have the experience and know exactly what to do to make your carpets look amazing.

If you are someone who wants perfect results with little effort on your part, then this is probably the route you should go.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services are Thorough:

When you hire a professional company to service your carpets, you can be sure that they will do a much better job than you ever could. They have the right equipment and cleaning supplies to ensure every nook and cranny is cleaned. This level of detail is something most people cannot achieve independently.

Less Time to Dry:

The industrial-grade carpet cleaning machines that professionals use are much more powerful than the ones you can buy or rent. It means your carpets will be cleaned more thoroughly in less time and will dry faster. It is vital because if carpets take too long to dry, they can start to mildew and develop mold.

Maintaining the Carpet's Appearance:

The high traffic areas, like the living room, hallway, and stairs, can start to look dingy over time. A professional carpet cleaning will remove all the dirt, dust, and stains built up over time and restore your carpets to almost new conditions.


Emerald Services in Aledo, TX, has ten years of experience in the industry. Our carpet cleaning services are carried out by trained professionals who utilize heavy-duty equipment to clean your carpets more thoroughly than any DIY method you could use.

We will keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

Contact us today for a free estimate!

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