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4 Tips To Increase Your Home's Appeal With Concrete Polishing

Your home is likely one of your most significant investments. You want to do everything you can to protect that investment and increase its value. One way to do this is by polishing the concrete surfaces around your home. Concrete polishing can add an extra layer of protection while making the surfaces more appealing to potential buyers or guests. It may be an excellent option to increase your home's appeal. Emerald Services will discuss four tips for polishing your concrete and making your home look its best!

Get the Right Tools

You’ll need to purchase a good-quality concrete polishing machine to get started. You can find these online or at your local home improvement store. Read the reviews before purchasing to ensure you get a device that will work well for your needs. Floor-mounted machines are heavy and require two people to operate them. But they’re also much more potent than hand-held polishers and can significantly speed up polishing.

In addition to the polishing machine, you’ll also need a few other supplies, including:

-Concrete polish

-Polishing pads

-A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment

Prepare Your Concrete Surface 

Before starting the polishing process, you’ll need to ensure that your concrete surface is clean and free of any dirt, debris, or stains. You can wash or scrub the area with a stiff brush and soapy water. Once you’ve cleaned the surface, rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before beginning the polishing process.

Choose the Right Polish 

There are various concrete polishes on the market, so choosing one that will work well for your needs is essential. If you’re unsure which type to use, consult with a local home improvement store professional. However, most polishes can be divided into light-duty and heavy-duty.

Light Duty Polish

Light duty polishes are typically used on indoor concrete surfaces that aren’t subject to much foot traffic. These polishes will give your concrete a glossy, smooth finish without removing too much surface material.

Heavy Duty Polish

On the other hand, heavy-duty polishes are designed for outdoor concrete surfaces with a lot of wear and tear. It can give your concrete a rougher, more textured finish.

Be Careful About Over Polishing 

It's important to note that concrete is a porous material. It means that it can easily be damaged by overzealous polishing. If you polish too aggressively, you risk burning through the concrete’s surface.

Ending Note

Concrete polishing can be a great way to increase your home’s appeal. Not only does it add an extra layer of protection, but it also makes the surface look more appealing to potential buyers or guests. Emerald Services in Southlake, TX, would be happy to give you a free estimate if you want to take advantage of this service. We have ten years of experience in concrete polishing and would love to put our skills to work for you. Get a free estimate today, and let us help make your home look its best!

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