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7 Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Think about how often you vacuum your carpets. Now, think about how often your dog or cat sheds. If you're like most pet owners, the answer to the second question is a lot more often than the answer to the first! While it's impossible to completely eliminate pet hair from your carpets, you can take a few measures to make cleaning up after them easier.

Check out these helpful carpet cleaning tips for pet owners!

Use an Animal-Friendly Carpet Stain Remover

First, you need to treat stains immediately to keep your carpets looking good (and smelling fresh). But not just any stain remover will do – you need one that's specifically designed for use on carpets and is safe for animals.

Start with a Deeper Clean

Pets often bring dirt and grime into the house, which quickly builds up on your carpets. To combat this, it's essential to give them a deep clean every so often. You can rent a professional-grade carpet cleaner or shampooer or try making your own cleaning solution using white vinegar and water.

Vacuum Regularly

Yes! Vacuuming regularly helps keep carpets clean and fresh, preventing pet hair from building up. If your pet sheds a lot, you should vacuum at least twice a week.

Prevent Stains with Mats

Placing mats at all entrances to your home is a great way to prevent dirt and stains from tracking in the first place. Be sure to choose mats made of absorbent materials like cotton or microfiber. For those inevitable stains and accidents, blot (don't rub!) the area with a clean, white cloth dipped in cool water. Then, use a carpet cleaner or spot remover for pets to treat the area.

Putty Knife for Solids

If your pet has an accident indoors, it's essential to act fast. Use a putty knife or similar tool to scrape up as much of the mess as possible for solids. Then, proceed to blot the area as described above.

Enzyme-Based Cleaners

For tough stains and odors, look for cleaners that contain enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that break down organic matter, making them ideal for removing pet stains and odors. Be sure to follow the instructions provided on the cleaner you choose, as some may require you to let the solution sit for some time before blotting. You may also need to treat the area more than once for deep-set stains and odors.

Professional Assistance Always HELPS!

Living with pets can be a joy, but it also comes with challenges. If you have pet hair or dander allergies, keeping your home clean and free of allergens can be difficult. And if you’re stressed about the amount of work cleaning up after your pet entails, our team at Emerald Services is here to help. We offer premium rug and carpet cleaning services in Saginaw, TX, that will have your home looking and smelling fresh in no time—and we do it all without using harsh chemicals that could aggravate your allergies.

So don’t stress about cleaning up after your furry friend anymore; call Emerald Services today for a free estimate!

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