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Drywall Vs. Plaster For Your Office Space - Let's Decide!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Drywall is made of gypsum, while plaster is made of lime.
  2. Drywall is cheaper, easier to install, and quicker than plaster.
  3. Drywall is more environmentally friendly because it requires fewer materials.
  4. Drywall is the best option for your office space.
  5. Hire a professional to install your drywall.

No one ever said that running a business was easy. It can be challenging when you don't have the necessary space to work in. Maybe you're cramped into a small office with no room to grow. Or maybe your outdated area is just dragging you down. Consider remodeling or renovating your office. A fresh new look can give your business the boost it needs to thrive.

Installing a drywall or plaster wall is one way to go with office renovation. Drywall and plaster are popular choices for office walls. They have pros and cons, so deciding the best option for your business can be challenging. Emerald Services will explore the differences between drywall and plaster and help you choose the best fit for your office space.

What is Drywall?

A drywall is a wall panel made of gypsum plaster sandwiched between two thick sheets of paper. It is then dried to form a rigid, sturdy panel. According to recent reports, 20 billion drywall panels were made in the US and Canada, making it the most common type of wall used in the United States

What is Plaster Wall?

Plaster is a construction material that has been used for centuries. It is made from limestone that is heated to create a fine powder. This powder is then combined with water and other materials to create a paste. The paste is then applied to a surface, where it hardens to form a smooth, durable finish.

Now that we know the basics of each type of wall, let's take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each:

Pros and Cons of Drywall

Drywall Pros:

1. Easy to install

Drywall installation is a relatively straightforward process. Once the frame of the wall is up, sheets of drywall are attached to the studs using screws or nails. Although it's a relatively simple process compared to plaster, it's best to leave it to a professional drywall contractor for installation.

2. Versatile

Drywall isn't limited to office space but can be used in any commercial or residential property. They can also be painted or Textured to create a unique look that fits your style.

Other than that, you can also consider drywall installation for large areas and for dividing your office space to increase its functionality.

3. Affordable

Drywall is generally less expensive than plaster, making it a budget-friendly option for wall construction. However, you may need to factor in the installation cost when making your final decision. Consult with a drywall contractor first regarding the cost of the overall project.

4. Soundproofing

Offices are about improving employee efficiency, which is why it's essential to reduce noise as much as possible. Studies have shown that noise can negatively affect employee performance. You need to look at the soundproofing option. Among them, drywall is a cost-effective one.

Drywall offers soundproofing capability, which is essential if you want to reduce noise levels in your office space.

Cons of Drywall Installation

1. Time-Consuming

Drywall installation can be time-consuming, especially if you're doing it yourself. It's important to factor in the time it will take to complete the project when making your final decision.

2. Requires Professional Installation

If you're not experienced in drywall installation, it's best to hire a professional. Attempting to install drywall yourself could result in costly mistakes.

3. Cost

The cost of materials and labor can add up quickly when installing drywall. Be sure to get an estimate from a professional before making your final decision.

4. Difficult to Repair

Once the drywall is installed, it can be challenging to repair if damage occurs. Plaster walls are much easier to repair.

Pros and Cons of Plaster Walls

Plaster Wall Pros

1. Better Insulation

Plaster walls provide better insulation than drywall, making them ideal for climate-controlled environments.

2. Increased Durability

Plaster walls are more durable than drywall, meaning they will last longer and require less maintenance.

3. Fire-Resistant

Plaster walls are naturally fire-resistant, providing an extra layer of protection in a fire.

Plaster Wall Cons

1. Cost

Like drywall, the cost of materials and labor can add up quickly when installing plaster walls. Other than that, plaster wall is expensive compared to drywall installation.

2. Difficult to Install

Plaster walls are difficult to install and should only be installed by a professional.

3. Heavyweight

Plaster walls are much heavier than drywall, making them more challenging to transport and install.

4. More Time Consuming

Plaster walls take longer to install than drywall and require more time for the plaster to cure before painting or wallpapering can begin.


Why Drywall Installation a Better Choice Compared to Plaster Wall

1. Less expensive

Drywall is much cheaper than plaster in terms of materials and labor.

2. Easy to Install

Drywall is easier to install than plaster and can be done by a homeowner with little experience. However, we recommend getting it done by a drywall contractor than DIY.

3. Lightweight

Drywall is much lighter than plaster, making it easier to transport and install.

4. Quicker to Install

Drywall installation is much quicker than plaster and can usually be completed in a day or two.

5. Fewer Materials Required

Drywall requires far fewer materials than plaster, making it more environmentally friendly.

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Drywall is the best option for your office space because it is more affordable, easier to install, and requires fewer materials. If you want a quick and easy way to update your office space, drywall is the way to go!

Professional Drywall Contractors in Keller, TX

Now that you know about drywall and plaster, it's time to decide which option is suitable for your office space. Emerald Services can help you quickly and easily update your office space in Keller, TX. We specialize in commercial deep cleaning, drywall installation, repair, and restoration services. We would be happy to help you with your cleaning needs. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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